Why a Community-to-Community Model?

HopeChest has been the catalyst for building bridges and relationships between communities and individuals in the US and Canada with those overseas. What have we learned over the years? That relationships are everything.

image-why_community-400x300At HopeChest, we advocate our Community-to-Community, or C2C, partner relationship model. While many great organizations exist to provide individual sponsorship opportunities, we believe that holistic transformation in the world’s poorest communities occurs when one community partners with another.

Through this proven model, we connect Christian communities in the U.S. and Canada with communities of vulnerable children and their caretakers overseas. Our unique C2C model leverages the power of relationships to see long-term transformation occur in the lives of children and their surrounding communities. Ultimately, these relationships and resources empower children to survive, thrive, and succeed.

C2C partnerships allow your church, small group, social network, or business to partner with a specific CarePoint overseas. The location you support becomes a virtual extension of your own community, and members of your community are able to directly sponsor individual children at your CarePoint location. When your entire community embraces the vision to support an entire community in a developing country, the concept of relationship building moves to a whole new level.

“When we got involved, our CarePoint and the community in Swaziland had little to call their own: no water, no land, no crops… But as we have given ourselves, we have watched people rise out of the ashes of death to new life and hope, all through the gospel of Jesus Christ”

Stu Davis, HopeChest Sponsor

Through our Community-to-Community model vulnerable children will have access to:





Food & Clean Water


Medical Care




Job Skills Training

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