Our Model

Children’s HopeChest exists to glorify God by releasing the potential of orphaned and vulnerable children and their communities through partnerships that cultivate holistic transformation and sustainability.

How is this accomplished? Through our Community-to-Community model of transformation. Children’s HopeChest engages churches and other Christian communities in long-term partnerships that:

  • Empower local leaders to share the Gospel, reduce poverty, and create self-sufficiency for every child.
  • Equip partnering communities to directly engage as a community in healthy international development practices.
  • Address the complex causes of poverty, including material, spiritual, emotional, social, economic, and educational needs.
  • Tend to the child’s holistic needs for survival, community, education, and employment.
  • Transform the lives of children through a focus on sustainability, independence, and long-term self-sufficiency.
  • Transform the lives of the partnering community members through exposure, education, relationship, and service.

Learn more about our Survive, Thrive, and Succeed model here

Our Approach

Partnerships are key to the success of our Community-to-Community model.

Every partnership into which we enter is long-term, a minimum of 5 years.
By committing to this process, you will witness firsthand the power of asset-based, holistic community transformation!
Not only will you see a community overseas be transformed, your community here will also be transformed.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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