Guiding Criteria

Riverwood Church is looking forward to hosting a Vision Trip to Swaziland, Africa for Lead Pastors and spouses who are ready to lead their church in a strategic partnership with Children’s HopeChest Canada. This experience will be facilitated and financially covered by Riverwood as a way to contribute to the growth and expansion of an organization that has had a tremendous impact on us. As we plan towards this trip and gather potential pastors and churches, we have established the following “guiding criteria” to help us determine who would be eligible for this experience.

  • Criteria
  • Lead Pastor

    For a community-to-community sponsorship to be successful we have found that it is critical for the church to have the endorsement and engagement at the highest level of leadership. Therefore, this Vision Trip is specifically intended for Lead or Senior Pastors and their spouses in an effort to help them to engage personally with the project, people and organization.

  • Mostly Ready

    It is so important that each potential church partner be given an opportunity to see and evaluate the organization in action before committing to a long-term partnership! However, those who will be selected to experience this Vision Trip will have already seriously studied the opportunity, processed it with their leadership teams, elders and denomination and find themselves in a “mostly ready” place to engage in sponsorship of a Carepoint. The goal of the trip would be to select, meet and begin building a relationship with your Carepoint during the experience.

  • Approvals

    We would have the expectation that any participating Lead Pastors would have decision making capacity or have the approval of any external governing bodies that would be necessary to approve the decision to partner (ie: Elders, Mission Committee, Congregation, Denomination, etc).

  • Church Size

    Carepoint sponsorship is a long-term community-to-community commitment that requires the successful sponsorship of between 50-120 children on a monthly basis (depending on the size of the carepoint). Churches looking to participate in this trip would need to be of a size that could manage this type of investment and have enough potential sponsors within their congregation. We would see the minimum size to be a church with an average weekend attendance of 250 or more. Note: A smaller church that feels passionate about this mission could potentially be partnered with another equally passionate church to sponsor and serve a single carepoint.