Pastor’s Vision Trip 2019

Riverwood Church Community offers free vision trip to Africa for pastors of eight potential partner churches that are passionate about moving the needle on poverty in Eswatini, Southern Africa. We count it an incredible privilege to be able to facilitate this vision trip, and we would like you to consider applying for it.

Upcoming Vision Trip Dates: Aug 20-31, 2019

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The best way to see what God is doing through Children’s HopeChest is to travel with us to one of our partner locations. On a Vision Trip you will meet and build relationships with our staff, see available CarePoints, explore the community, meet the kids and see the difference our Community-to-Community model is making.

In February of 2008 we first stepped foot onto the grounds of Enaleni, a carepoint in Eswatini that supports the children of a rural community. That began a remarkable community to community connection between Riverwood and two communities in Eswatini (Enaleni & Bhobokazi) that has grown over the past 10 years. Since then we have taken 9 team trips to visit, are sponsoring more than 250 children, and have seen projects such as kitchens, wells, community gardens, and a church being developed. What a remarkable 10 year journey it has been and we look forward to the next decade of friendship and connection with our beautiful Swazi friends! This video celebrates the past ten years together.